Raymarine’s new DockSense™ Alert: docking made super easy

Date: 22-Nov-2019

Raymarine’s new DockSense™ Alert, the latest addition to Raymarine’s breakthrough intelligent docking technology, is now available for an even wider range of vessels.

The recreational marine industry’s first intelligent object recognition and motion-sensing assisted docking solution, DockSense makes it easy for skippers to safely monitor their surroundings and easily dock their boats, in even the tightest of berths, with total confidence.  

Using a combination of live feeds from FLIR’s advanced machine stereo vision cameras, clever video analytics and a central processor connected to a Raymarine Axiom display or network, DockSense Alert accurately measures distances to the dock, pilings, and other moored vessels. Providing real-time visual indicators along with a live camera view, DockSense Alert detects, displays and alerts skippers to obstacles around their boat. At the same time, visual and audio alarms alert the skipper, again in real time, to the effects of wind, current and propeller thrust.

“Like the driver-assist capabilities of today’s modern automobiles, DockSense Alert’s unique technology eliminates blind spots and helps avoid those scrapes, bangs and close calls that can be both expensive and embarrassing,” says Mark Milburn, CEO of Lusty & Blundell, Raymarine’s New Zealand distributor. “ It also greatly reduces the stress of docking and improves a skipper’s boat handling skills.” 

More information about DockSense Alert, which requires a Raymarine Axiom display and comes in one-, three- and five-camera packages, is now available from Lusty and Blundell.