Sterling Power products offer protection for overheating & open circuits

Date: 24-Apr-2020


Sterling Power offers a range of products to protect the key components of a vessel’s, vehicle’s or motorhome’s engine systems, therefore greatly limiting the dangers of catastrophic failure.

With most serious engine system failures caused by runaway temperature rises in battery banks, hydraulic systems, bearings, etc, Sterling Power’s Daisy Chain provides a cost-effective IP66 rated warning device that indicates when a safe working temperature has been exceeded. Able to monitor up to 100 normally closed Temperature Sensors in two distinct strings, the Daisy Chain can sound an alarm at the helm and/or trigger an automatic response from the built in 16A relay. Sterling Power’s sensors are available in 50, 60, 70 and 80°C for a variety of applications.

The Sterling Power Alternator Protect Device is specifically designed to act as a “Load Dump” and divert any high voltage spike to earth in order to protect a connected 12 or 24V alternator and the connected regulators.

In the marine world, a great many alternators are destroyed when a cable comes loose, a fuse blows or an engine is electrically switched “off” when the engine is running. These situations can cause an alternator to be disconnected from the battery while running, resulting in a massive voltage spike in the alternator. This can easily destroy the alternator regulator and any other advanced regulators in use.

The Sterling Power Alternator Protection Device is a true “must have”, especially for LiFePO4 battery installations in a marine application. This is because these sealed internal BMS systems can create an open battery circuit without any advanced warning. Sterling’s Alternator Protection Device protects against this by preventing the damaging voltage transients that would otherwise blow the alternator diodes or damage equipment on the DC bus.

The Sterling Power Alternator Protection Device can also be used as a general DC system voltage transient suppressor. This is far less costly than a vessel re-wire and a great insurance policy that can be used to eliminate the risk of damaging voltage transients.

The Daisy Chain and Sterling Power’s Alternator Protect Device can also be combined with solenoids to create a thermal cut-out that protects both the alternator and battery bank in extreme cases.

Sterling’s Daisy Chain alarm system, the Sterling Temperature sensors and the Sterling Alternator Open Circuit Protection Device are now available nationwide through both New Zealand distributor Lusty and Blundell’s three showrooms in Auckland, Whangarei and Tauranga and their nationwide network of leading marine dealers.