Raymarine’s impressive new Axiom+ faster, smarter, brighter, tougher

Date: 26-Jun-2020


Raymarine’s exciting new Axiom+ range of powerful MFDs deliver super-fast performance, clever new features, even brighter displays and incredible new nano-coated levels of toughness.

Available in 7”, 9” or 12” models, the new Axiom+ range features crystal-clear, easy-to-see viewing in any conditions as well as an enhanced IPS (In Plane Switching) LCD. With twice the resolution and an astonishing 25 percent brighter, they boast brighter colours, greater detail, sharper definition and even wider viewing angles. Stunningly-powerful quad core processors deliver no-delay, lightning-fast, ultra-smooth fluid chart redraws, even when running multiple applications, while a doubling of the internal storage capacity eliminates the need for additional memory cards.

With four powerful built-in sonar channels, Raymarine’s popular RealVision™ 3D, CHIRP sonar, SideVision sonar and DownVision sonar, Axiom+ provides amazingly comprehensive, detailed views of the underwater world from a single all-in-one transducer — without the need for any additional investment or extra black boxes.

Introducing Raymarine’s breakthough new HydroTough™ nano-coated displays, Axiom+ models have been “ruggedized” to provide enhanced impact resistance. The exciting new HydroTough™ nano-coating also repels water and oils, avoiding those annoying finger marks and enabling accurate touch control in all conditions.

Axiom+ displays also feature a new internal GPS with 4x the sensitivity for more accurate navigation, even in challenging installations. There is also the ability to overlay Raymarine’s highly praised ClearCruise Augmented Reality for smarter navigation decision making.

Fully networkable and expandable, Axiom+ displays are ready and easy to connect with other Axiom displays, radar, sonar, autopilot, cameras, entertainment systems and detailed information from engine and other on-board systems.

The exciting new Axiom+ range is now available nationwide through Lusty & Blundell’s nationwide network of leading marine dealers.