Raymarine’s onboard management system ideal for trailer boats

Date: 31-Mar-2021


The innovative new Raymarine Digital Boat Management System is proving a real bonus for owners, dealers and service agents of trailer power boats, giving users the ability to control and access information at the touch of a finger in a visually inspiring layout.

The Raymarine Digital Boat Management System ensures all information, including user guides, manuals, documents with manufacturers’ specifications and dates and service records are readily available and accessible on the vessel’s MFD screen.

The latest addition to the onboard management system includes the incorporation of the AnyDesk App which allows Raymarine support to remotely dial and assess onboard issues to provide technical support. This is not only incredibly helpful for the owner (without the need for them to store numerous hardcopy manuals on board) but also for any service person who may need to access this information.

In addition, when integrated with digital switching systems such as CZone, EmpirBus or YachtSense, the Raymarine Digital Boat Management System uses rich custom graphics to provide unique monitoring of all connected onboard systems. Owners can quickly check how much “juice” is left in their trolling motor or house batteries or how much fuel or water is in their tanks. They can also control all their pumps, turn on and off lights and access their stereo system, all from their MFD screen.

The Raymarine Digital Boat Management System will be on display on the Lusty & Blundell stand, with regular demonstrations of how it works, at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show in Auckland in May.