Raritan’s new Marine Elegance toilets superbly stylish, smart & near-silent

Date: 02-Sep-2021

Raritan’s new Marine Elegance toilets provide a stylish, smart and near-silent addition to any vessel.

Aptly-named, Raritan’s good-looking Marine Elegance range offers the best of both worlds: a full-size bowl together with a surprisingly small base footprint. Combined with the latest Vortex-Vac™ flushing technology, the range’s special bowl design creates a quiet yet powerful vacuum, its unmatched rinsing performance quickly and effectively cleaning the bowl while generating just 60db.

Marine Elegance toilets are available in three flushing options: Sea Water, Fresh Water or the top-of-the-line SeaFresh. Ideal for eliminating odours, keeping the intake and discharge hoses fresh and reducing saltwater scale build up, the SeaFresh option allows owners to change between seawater and freshwater flushing. On an extended cruise or with a good-sized crew, skippers can mostly use Saltwater mode to save valuable fresh water and then use just a couple of flushes in Freshwater mode each day to keep the bowl and hoses seawater-free and smelling fresh.

Raritan’s Marine Elegance toilets come complete with an innovative Smart Flush Control. A fully programmable control, at a push of a button it enables the owner to select the desired flushing mode and dictate the amount of water used. A clever Bluetooth Smart Control, which gives a high degree of flexibility as to where the control is mounted (as there is no need for a data cable between it and the toilet), is also available.

The toilets have an integrated shredder and discharge pump, able to move waste 2m vertically and 25m horizontally, and are available in two heights each with a straight or angled back configuration. Raritan’s unique hidden mounting system adds to the toilets’ elegant, stylish appearance and makes for easy cleaning.

Raritan’s new Marine Elegance toilets are now available nationwide through New Zealand distributor Lusty and Blundell’s three showrooms in Auckland, Whangarei and Tauranga and their nationwide network of leading marine dealers.