Haswing’s innovative new ‘2-in-1’ outboard the ideal electric solution for Kiwi tenders

Date: 02-Sep-2021

With a clever “switchable thrust” mode, Haswing’s innovative new Ultima Generation 1.5 electric outboard is actually two engines in one, making it the perfect choice for Kiwis looking for a versatile, lightweight and environmentally-friendly engine for their tender or dinghy.

The Ultima Generation 1.5’s switchable thrust enables the electric outboard to be run at either full or half power. When higher thrust is needed, for example when one is in a hurry or is carrying a larger load, the Ultima delivers the equivalent of a 3hp petrol outboard. At half power, the thrust drops down to the equivalent of 1.5hp and there is a substantially longer run time.

Boasting smooth, stepless speed control in both forward in reverse, at full power the Ultima Generation 1.5 can reach speeds of 4.75 knots, has a run time of 40 minutes and a range of over three nautical miles. It is also delightfully quiet, producing a maximum of just 55db and comes with an emergency magnetic kill switch for added safety.

With a lightweight lithium battery, the Ultima Generation 1.5 weighs just 14.kgs and quickly and simply splits into two for even easier transportation.

Fitted with a specially designed short shaft, the Ultima Generation 1.5 electric outboard is the perfect fit for Kiwi tenders and dinghies, ideal for short runs to and from the shore and for pottering around in the shallows.

The new Haswing Ultima Generation 1.5 electric outboard is now available to order through Lusty & Blundell’s nationwide network of leading marine dealers.