Revolutionary new CS ONE APTO™ charger: super smart, super easy to use!

Date: 11-Mar-2022


CTEK’s powerful new revolutionary CS ONE is the smartest, most versatile and easy-to-use battery charger ever invented!

CTEK’s new APTO™ (Adaptive Charging) technology literally does all the thinking so users don’t have to. In a world with so many different battery chemistries and charging requirements, the CS ONE is the perfect charger for every need. CS ONE automatically detects the battery’s chemistry, works out its size and then delivers the perfect, customised charging programme, from 2 to 8 amps.

CTEK’s free-to-download App gives users even greater control of the versatile CS ONE charger through their smartphone. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the App unlocks additional great features such as RECON (to restore and recondition lead-acid batteries), WAKE UP (to revive seemingly dead lithium and lead-acid batteries) and 12V SUPPLY (to support the battery during service work and retain contact power during replacement or removal).

Engineered for complete safety and peace of mind, CS ONE comes with black, polarity-free and spark-free clamps and automatically works out which terminal is positive and which is negative (the clamps can even safely come into contact with each other!).

Although boats, motorhomes and cars can have up to five different battery chemistries, the CS ONE is compatible with them all. There are no buttons to push or modes to select, simply connect those clamps to any 12v lead-acid or lithium (LiFePO4) battery and let it go to work. CS ONE’s easy-to-follow countdown LEDs give a visual indication about the time remaining for the battery to be fully charged and even when the flat battery can be restarted. It will also say if the battery cannot be charged due to damage.

CTEK’s revolutionary new CS ONE with APTO™ (Adaptive Charging) technology comes with a five-year warranty and is available now through Lusty and Blundell’s Albany, Whangarei and Tauranga showrooms and from their nationwide network of leading marine dealers.

Product information is available from Lusty and Blundell on (09) 415-8303 or at