Ocean Signal’s new ATB1 AIS Transponder a significant step up in safety

Date: 10-Jun-2022


Ocean Signal’s new ATB1 Class B+ AIS Transponder provides new levels of safety and security, especially for those navigating in busy waterways and in adverse conditions.

Unlike most recreational AIS transceivers which, with just 2kW of output, only update every 30 seconds and for a maximum of around 8 nautical miles (meaning their signals are often not received by satellites), the ATB1 boasts a powerful 5kW output and SOTDMA technology. This not only significantly improves satellite reception, enabling vital global tracking in an emergency, it also allows the AIS to unit to report the vessel’s position far more often. For example, when the vessel’s speed over the ground (SOG) is between 14 and 23 knots, the ATB1 will report its position every 15 seconds and, when the SOG is over 23 knots, every 5 seconds.

The ATB1 can not only receive and interpret information and messages it receives from other AIS-equipped vessels, it can also effortless relay these to other navigation devices such as chart plotters, laptops or mobiles using the ATB1’s NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000®, USB or WiFi outputs.

A multi-colour LED indicator light provides on-going reassurance that the ATB1 is providing continuous AIS transmission and delivering optimal performance. Low on energy consumption, the ATB1’s sleek yet rugged waterproof design is quick and simple to install. It comes complete with an external GPS antenna, meaning all the vessel’s information (name, call sign, type and dimensions) can be quickly and easily uploaded using a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Ocean Signal’s new ATB1 Class B+ AIS Transponder is now available nationwide through Lusty & Blundell’s network of leading marine dealers.