Coelmo’s new Eneon range of high-quality marine generators now available at L&B

Date: 10-Jun-2022

Lusty & Blundell Ltd, New Zealand’s leading distributor of marine and lifestyle products and systems, is now offering the internationally-renowned top quality range of Eneon marine generators.

Eneon generators are designed and manufactured by the highly respected Italian industrial generator specialist Coelmo. Founded in 1946, Coelmo has a commercial presence in over 42 countries globally. They have a strong market share and play a leading role in industries ranging from telecommunications to oil extraction, military operations to humanitarian organisations and in applications for from commercial vessels to the most sophisticated pleasure craft.

The Eneon range has evolved from Coelmo’s 76 years of experience and is specifically designed and built for marine applications. Found throughout the world on commercial vessels, superyachts and pleasure craft of all sizes, the Eneon range is famous for its high quality, ease of maintenance and quiet running.

Manufactured in Italy using extremely reliable Kubota blocks, Eneon generators are available in 3.2kW to 30kW models. They come with a sound-proof, marine grade aluminium casing that keeps decibel levels to an ultra-low 54dB. With five removable sides, maintenance is super easy. Thanks to the generators’ internal wiring, plumbing and external connections for cooling water, fuel, exhaust and electrical power, so is their installation.

The Eneon’s EOS digital display provides real time, up to the minute, AC electrical and engine information along with safety alarms and maintenance schedules. A selector switch that bypasses the control panel and an immediate shutdown emergency stop button protect both the vessel and the generator in case of danger or damage.

Eneon marine generators ranging in size from 7.4kW to 13.3 kW are now available from L&B’s showrooms in Whangarei, Auckland and Tauranga and nationwide through their network of leading marine dealers.