FLIR thermal cameras’ superior image quality now available on all major MFD brands

Date: 23-Feb-2024

While the increasing-popular range of FLIR thermal and low light cameras perform at their very best when paired with Raymarine MFD systems, the latest FLIR models can now also seamlessly connect to all major MFD brands.

This means FLIR thermal cameras can now be easily and intuitively controlled direct from all major brands of MFD screens (previously this was only possible with Raymarine MFDs, others needed a joystick). They can also now be simply connected using ethernet, meaning greatly improved image quality and reliability, and less components required for their install, a great advantage for those wanting to upgrade their older electronic systems with a FLIR camera.

“It is fantastic that more boat owners are now able to enjoy the advantages of FLIR thermal cameras,” says Mark Milburn, managing director of FLIR distributor Lusty and Blundell. “However, it is important to realise there are additional benefits that are only available with a Raymarine system.

“These include Raymarine’s revolutionary ClearCruise (which proactively identifies targets of interest) and ClearCruiseAR (Augmented Reality). This allows skippers to overlay vital navigational and AIS information directly onto their FLIR high-definition (HD) video feed, helping them make quicker, smarter and safer decisions, especially in crowded waterways.”

FLIR’s thermal camera range starts with the entry level M232 and goes up to the highly sophisticated M300 models, dual payload cameras that combine top-of-the-line thermal imaging with the very best high-definition visible light images. M300 cameras also complete with breakthrough twin stabilisation; a two-axis mechanical stabilisation that virtually eliminates the effects of pitch, heave and yaw and a secondary electronic stabilisation that minimises low frequency rumble and vibration, enabling skippers to enjoy a rock-steady view, even in rough seas.

Those interested in learning more about FLIR thermal cameras and how they can make boating safer can do so during the live demonstrations at the FLIR/Raymarine caravan at the upcoming Auckland Boat Show in Jellicoe Harbour on March 14-17.

FLIR thermal cameras are available to purchase.