New features, improved performance & stability all part of latest LightHouse update

Date: 04-Apr-2024

The latest update to Raymarine’s renowned Axiom LightHouse operating system includes a number of new features as well as improved performance and stability.

The just-released LightHouse 4.6.103 software update includes a handy new fuel range overlay that graphically illustrates how far the vessel can travel at its current speed before running out of fuel.

The new update also gives control over Mercury Marine’s Bow Hook, Sky Hook and Drift Hook functions from the side bar and generators that come with a compatible remote controller can now be started or stopped from the display within the Dashboard app.

There are also several handy updates for sailors. These include steer to target wind angle from polar as well as the availability of target wind angle and opposite tack COG data.

Also included is a new Quick Adjust menu for chartplotters and a new waypoint icon group, Nav Marks, that features 18 new icons portraying common buoy shapes and colours.

Among the numerous other practical improvements is expanded AIS target data within the chart app, allowing up to 200 targets to be viewed; exhaust gas temperature data able to be viewed in the dashboard, sidebar and data overlay (under the engine category); route distance remaining readings available in the dashboard and sidebar and improvements to the storage and recording of RealBathy data.

The latest update to Raymarine’s LightHouse 4 operating system is now available and free to download using the Axiom’s software update feature or from