Sophisticated new VMH 35-D gauges an easy digital upgrade for diesel dashboards

Date: 18-Jun-2024

Veratron’s new VMH 35-D gauges allow owners of diesel-powered boats to quickly and easily upgrade from their existing older analogue panels to sophisticated, modern-looking, digital displays. Perfectly at home in even the most stylish of contemporary dashboards, the new VMH 35-D gauges will simply slot straight into any standard round panel cutout, meaning there is no need to drill any new holes or undertake any remodelling.

The new state-of-the-art VMH 35-D multifunction digital displays come with a powerful embedded gateway that reliably converts CAN and/or analogue signals into NMEA 2000 certified output. Its integrated GNSS receiver delivers accurate position, direction and speed over ground data.

Powered by the latest technology microprocessors, the displays are not affected by adverse weather conditions or very high temperatures.

With a configurable dial scale of 3000 or 4000 RPM, the VMH 35-D provides the perfect monitoring for a diesel engine. Its compact display is capable of showing a wide amount of engine, battery, tank and GPS data. Alarms can be provided through either the SAE J1939 bus or locally set through the embedded menu.

The VMH 35-D gauges allow more than 30 different types of data to be displayed, support both 12v and 24V systems and have four analogue inputs for external sensors.

The new VMH 35-D displays are now available.