Lusty & Blundell to distribute innovative & cost-effective Hydrotab trim system

Date: 21-Jun-2024

Lusty & Blundell Ltd, New Zealand’s leading distributor of quality marine equipment, is now distributing the popular Hydrotab range of innovative, cost-effective trim systems.

Although the Hydrotab interceptor trim systems have been designed with simplicity in mind, they include all of the sought-after features boaties have come to expect in a trim system.

“Employing a simple compressed air system, using a pneumatic bladder, Hydrotab has just three moving mechanical parts,” says L&B product manager Grant Matthew. “There are no sensitive parts like electric actuators, motors and gears and the interceptor does not need seals. This makes them perfect for all vessels, including those launching or retrieving on the beach."

“There is also no need for maintenance or service with Hydrotab.”

By applying pressure to the hull, Hydrotab controls pitch and trim quicker and more effectively. This creates more effective lift directly under the hull rather than on a set of plates beyond the hull line. They are also more compact on the transom and protected from damage caused by beach launching or storing in a dry stack.

“There is something for every size of boat and every budget,” says Grant Matthew.

“The top-of-the-line control systems feature a glass bridge design and full automation of the entire trim system, complete with built-in gyro and GPS that manages both pitch and roll. Options include composite modular systems, Inox straight line and tunnel versions. Custom options are also available."

“On the other hand, the entry level system comes with just four manual button controls and LED indicators, yet still gives the skipper complete control of both fore and aft and sideways trim.”

The Hydrotab range of interceptor trim tabs are now available to purchase.