Follow-On Tiller a powerful Evolution for Raymarine autopilot systems

Date: 02-Feb-2018

Raymarine’s exciting new Follow-On Tiller autopilot controller offers all the benefits of a fully functional power steering upgrade to any cruising or commercial powerboat fitted with a Raymarine Evolution autopilot system.

A simple add-on control unit, the new Follow-On Tiller boasts a sleek, low profile design, meaning it can be installed at both remote and secondary control stations, literally anywhere onboard: at bridge wing stations, aft docking stations, even into the arms of pilothouse helm chairs!

Super-easy to use, the Follow-On Tiller requires just a single button press to activate Evolution’s Power Steer mode, and enables skippers to send precise steering angle commands (up to 35°) to the rudder. Its intuitive design also allows skippers to make precise steering adjustments with just a simple turn of the lever or dial.

The Follow-On Tiller controller supports both proportional (Full Follow-Up) and bang-bang (Non-Follow-Up) modes for both steering underway and close-quarters manoeuvring. The controller comes pre-fitted with a return spring (removable if desired) to automatically return the controller to the 0° centre position upon release.

In proportional mode, the rudder follows the tiller precisely, degree for degree, with the rudder returning to amidships whenever the tiller is in its centre 0° position. In bang-bang mode, the amount of tiller deflection controls the speed of rudder travel in the desired direction. Moving the tiller to the centre 0° position immediately stops the rudder in position. (In bang-bang mode, the operator must always manually drive the rudder back to amidships.)

The Follow-On Tiller Controller is easy to set up and calibrate using the system’s primary autopilot control head or autopilot-enabled LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 MFDs.