Lusty & Blundell to promote Vesper Marine’s Virtual Aids to Navigation in the Pacific

Date: 02-Feb-2018


Produced by Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of innovative marine safety products, Guardian helps ports and coastal authorities electronically mark shipping and ferry lanes, power and telecommunication companies mark undersea cables, and oil and gas companies mark their platforms and subsea pipelines. By making these installations and hazards clearly visible on vessel navigation systems, Guardian helps prevent collisions and significantly improves maritime safety.

The Lusty & Blundell appointment will cover Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Fiji, Niue, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and other islands in the region. This is a region that combines rich marine life and coral reefs; large numbers of pleasure boats, commercial vessels and cruise ships; and a high dependence on undersea cables for electricity and telecommunications.

The Guardian solution includes Guardian:protect,  a 24/7 protection system that helps prevent vessel collisions with subsea and marine infrastructure. The system uses the Automatic Identification System (AIS) to transmit virtual marks (Aids to Navigation). These marks are displayed as a special hazard on a vessel’s ECDIS, chart plotter or AIS display. The ship’s onboard equipment is then able to alert crews to the presence of, and if they are on a collision course with, the marked navigational hazard.

In addition, Guardian also creates protection zones around the infrastructure or hazard. It monitors vessels’ live positions, evaluates their behavior in these zones and proactively sends both the target vessel and the owner of the asset an alert if an incident might occur. The alert also goes directly to the electronic navigation system of the target vessel, so they can immediately take corrective action.

Mark Alani, Vesper Marine Guardian Asset Protection’s sales director, says Lusty & Blundell’s ongoing business relationships with port and coastal authorities will help grow the company’s profile in the area.

“The authorities in the region are aware of the problems and are currently seeking to address them. The Guardian solution is a perfect one for them and we are confident that the technology will soon be adopted as a pre-emptive measure as more and more business leaders learn about it,” he says.

Lusty & Blundell’s Bob Fassio says L&B is very excited about their new relationship with Vesper Marine for the South Pacific.

“Vesper Marine is well known for their innovation and product excellence and we see a great opportunity to complement their business portfolio with our regional footprint while also significantly enhancing safety in the region.”