Drone control and live streaming now a reality thanks to new AXIOM Pro technology

Date: 09-Mar-2018

Raymarine’s breakthrough new technology now enables AXIOM Pro owners to control a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drone) direct from their MFD, while enjoying all the benefits of live streaming video and high quality still photos from the air.

Currently compatible with DJI Spark and Mavic UAV drones (both of which are now readily available in New Zealand), the new technology opens up a whole world of new possibilities for owners, boaties and fishers. For example anglers can now capture their battles with trophy fish, live stream them to big screens on board the boat for real time viewing and save them to watch later or share with envious friends.

As well as launching the drone direct from their AXIOM Pro MFD, owners can also use their display to instruct the drone to hold station a certain distance, altitude and direction from the boat while it is underway; to circle the vessel for an all-round birds-eye view; or head off into the distance to check on friends’ boats or see whether a flock of birds are just cruising or actually taking part in a nearby work-up.

Other handy features include single button launch/track/record control and a GPS link, complete with a variety of “follow” modes, for easy, hands-free drone operation. Owners can also instruct the drone to take a high quality still image at any time.

“AXIOM Pro owners are absolutely going to love this,” says Mark Milburn, CEO of Raymarine’s New Zealand distributor, Lusty & Blundell Ltd.

“For a relatively modest outlay, they can capture, live stream and share their favourite fishing moments and boating adventures from a totally new perspective, showcasing not only their boat but also the beautiful marine environment they are enjoying at the time.”

The new leading-edge technology is expected to be available in New Zealand over this autumn and be on display at the Lusty & Blundell stand at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show in Auckland in May.