Advanced new Quantum 2 Radar showcases clever Doppler collision avoidance technology

Date: 18-Apr-2018

Raymarine’s new Quantum 2 CHIRP Radar uses advanced Doppler processing to highlight moving radar contacts — and adds an additional level of safety by using that same technology to cleverly colour code the targets to show whether they are approaching or heading away!

The Quantum 2 next-generation CHIRP pulse compression radar also provides superior automatic target acquisition, awareness and tracking at both long and extremely short ranges. The Quantum 2 Doppler target processing also makes it far easier to identify potentially dangerous targets in busy, high-traffic areas.

Using the same technology trusted by the United States Coast Guard, Raymarine Quantum 2 radar features both fully-automatic ARPA and manual MARPA target tracking along with adjustable TrueTrails target history to show the motion history of moving contacts.

CHIRP Pulse Compression detects targets as close as 5.5m for zero-visibility navigation while its 24-mile range ensures early detection of traffic, navigation aids, landfall and weather. The Quantum 2 radar is ready to go just seconds after starting up; boasts superior interference rejection to eliminate noise from other radars; has low emissions, making it safe to mount anywhere on board and has very low power consumption for extended battery life under sail.

Weighing up to 50% less than comparable magnetron radars, Quantum 2 radar is easy to install with Wi-Fi or thin wire network connectivity. Because it fits the same bolt pattern as the company’s other scanners, existing Raymarine radar owners can also easily upgrade to Quantum 2.

The new Quantum 2 CHIRP Radar with advanced Doppler processing is now available nationwide through Lusty & Blundell’s nationwide network of leading marine dealers. It will also be on display at the Lusty & Blundell stand at the Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show in Auckland in May.