Raymarine’s new RVX1000 a versatile High Performance 3D CHIRP Sonar module

Date: 04-Jul-2018


Raymarine’s new RVX1000 High Performance 3D CHIRP Sonar module offers all of the sonar performance and features of Raymarine Axiom Pro in a remotely mounted black box sonar module.

The 5-channel RVX1000 simultaneously delivers Raymarine’s award winning RealVision 3D sonar technology (complete with GPS track), CHIRP Side and DownVision, combined with a high powered 1kW dual channel CHIRP sonar, making it the ideal sonar for those who target fish in deep, mid-range and shallow waters.

Featuring the very latest sonar technology, the RVX1000 easily identifies structure and locates fish with RealVision 3D’s incredible life-like clarity. Combined with it its GPS Track feature, RealVision 3D sonar also uses precision GPS to construct the most accurate 3D model of the underwater world, in real-time.

In addition, the RVX1000’s handy Sonar Scroll Back feature lets skippers rewind, pause and playback up to 10 minutes of recorded sonar history, enabling them to take a closer look at fish and structure and easily plot waypoints. At the same time, the RVX1000’s TruZoom magnification amplifies additional extra target detail, without any loss of resolution.

Compatible with all Raymarine MFDs running LightHouse 3.4 or higher, the new RVX1000 is also a great upgrade option for Raymarine eS and gS Series owners, who only need to upgrade to the latest version of LightHouse 3. And, as an added bonus, The RVX1000’s dedicated quad core processor allows previous generation MFD’s to run multiple sonar channels simultaneously without any compromise in performance.