Spinlock’s clever new Sail-Sense a great tool for yacht owners

Date: 08-Aug-2019


Spinlock’s new Sail-Sense is a clever app-driven sail sensor that provides yacht owners and skippers with the all information they need to know about the use and condition of their sails.

A small, lightweight sensor that permanently attaches to a sail, Sail-Sense is automatically activated by movement and measures key performance data including UV exposure, g-force and movement. Using Bluetooth, it then automatically sends all that data to a mobile, tablet or PC.

Silke Sigley, from Spinlock’s New Zealand distributor, Lusty and Blundell Ltd, says Sail-Sense will completely change the way sail wardrobes are managed.

“Sail-Sense will enable the sails to be tracked, traced and located and that information, along with their full history, their make, model, construction date, dimensions and materials will be instantly available with just a few taps. Research by Southampton University that looked closely at sail materials, fibres, construction and the effects of UV and motion on sails is also built into the app to help create a health score for each sail.”

Able to be sewn into a sail during construction or added later, Sail Sense is lightweight and is fitted just above the clew. It does not impact a sail’s performance and with its battery lasting up to 7.5 years using basic features, owners can accurately monitor and record their sail’s condition and any degradation.

Silke Sigley says Sail Sense also provides additional asset tracking and inventory management for those with large sail wardrobes, such as super yachts, race teams and charter operators.

“The data provides sailors with crucial information regarding a sail’s life and handling,” she says. “This gives them a great insight into their sailing execution and can help them streamline their performance.

“It also provides sailmakers, fabric manufacturers and groups such as insurance companies with a whole suite of previously unknown data.”

Spinlock’s new Sail-Sense will be on display at the Auckland On Water Boat Show in Auckland in October. It is also available at Lusty and Blundell’s three showrooms in Auckland, Whangarei and Tauranga and through their nationwide network of leading marine dealers.