Raymarine releases affordable stabilised IP thermal camera for trailer boats

Date: 12-Aug-2019

Raymarine has created an affordable new stabilised IP thermal camera system that is perfectly suited for trailer boats.

Consisting of a Raymarine’s popular M232 thermal camera, the company’s AR200 Augumented Reality module and an Axiom MFD, the package delivers affordable stabilised thermal images, overlaid with handy AR information such as navigation markers, AIS information and waypoints.

“Adding the AR200 module to the M232 thermal camera is a real game changer for trailer boat owners,” says Mark Milburn, CEO of Raymarine’s New Zealand distributor, Lusty and Blundell Ltd.

“It instantly stabilises the feed from the camera, delivering the sort of images usually only found on much larger, more stable vessels. It then overlays those images with helpful information such as the names of beacons, hazard markers or headlands; instantly identifies other vessels in the area and makes it easy to spot waypointed objects such as set line or craypot buoys.

“And it does all this at a fraction of what it would have cost previously.”

The M232/AR2000 system also delivers greater safety for those on board, especially at night, in low visibility situations such as light fog and in congested waterways.

“The combination M232/AR200 images greatly increase situational awareness, regardless of the conditions, making it much easier for trailer boat skippers to safely navigate exactly where they want to go,” says Mark Milburn.

The affordable new Raymarine M232/AR200 stabilised IP thermal camera system will be on display at the Auckland On Water Boat Show in Auckland in October. It is also available at Lusty and Blundell’s three showrooms in Auckland, Whangarei and Tauranga and through their nationwide network of leading marine dealers.