Vetus Bow Thruster Kit | 24V | 8HP 125KGF

Vetus Bow Thruster Kit | 24V | 8HP 125KGF
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Maneuvering is not always a straightforward operation, especially in high wind or tidal situations. This is why bow and stern thrusters have become the natural choice to allow maneuverability of your powerboat or yacht in all weather conditions.

The Vetus BOW125 thruster provides 140KGF thrust force and is suitable for boats from 14 to 20 meters.

The BOW125 Kit is supplied complete with:

  • BOW125 24VCD Thruster.
  • Tunnel 250mm x 1000mm.
  • Control Panel (Joystick or Touch).
  • Wiring Harness 10m.

Advantages of the Vetus Bow Thruster:

  • A single propeller creates less flow disturbance in the tunnel.
  • The VETUS unique propeller blade design minimizes cavitation noise.
  • Spiral gears minimize transmission noise.
  • The use of a flexible coupling between tail piece and motor eliminates vibration.
  • All VETUS systems use a streamlined tail piece for optimum flow.
  • A strong synthetic propeller eliminates corrosion and reduces weight.
  • Systems are easy to install, supplied with clear installation and operation instructions.


  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Ignition Protection: No
  • Thrust (N / KGF): 1400/140
  • Power (KW): 5.7
  • Internal Tunnel Diameter: 250MM
  • Minimum Below Waterline Distance (to centre of prop): 250MM
  • Weight: 37KG
  • Continuous Amperage: 450
  • Continuous Operating Time (Min): 2.5
  • Max. Operating Time: 2.5
  • Main Fuse “slow Blow” (A): 300
  • Batteries 12V, Min/Max. AH: 2 x 150 / 2 x 165
  • Battery Cables, Length Pos/Neg. Cables (M/MM²): 0-20/70