Vetus Bow Thruster Kit | 24V | 9.5HP 160KGF

Vetus Bow Thruster Kit | 24V | 9.5HP 160KGF
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Manoeuvring is not always a straightforward operation, especially in high wind or tidal situations. That is why bow and stern thrusters have become the natural choice to allow manoeuvrability of your powerboat or yacht in all weather conditions.

The Vetus BOW160 thruster provides 160KGF thrust force and is suitable for boats from 16.5 to 22 meters.

The advantage of the Vetus bow thruster is a single propeller system which creates less flow disturbance in the tunnel. The Vetus unique propeller blade design minimizes cavitation noise.

The BOW160 Kit is supplied complete with:

BOW160 12VDC Thruster or BOW160 24VDC
Tunnel - GRP or Aluminium 250mm x 1000mm
Control Panel - Joystick or Touch
Wiring Harness 16m