Vetus Bow Thruster Kit | 24V | 9.5HP 160KGF | Extended Run

Vetus Bow Thruster Kit | 24V | 9.5HP 160KGF | Extended Run
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With the increase in sales of joystick docking and the realization that even twin engine vector systems could benefit from thruster assistance, we saw the need for a major improvement in thruster design. Whilst during normal docking manoeuvres, electric thruster use is typically limited to a maximum of 2-4 minutes; joystick docking is much more demanding.

With input from some leading engine brands in the industry.

VETUS came up with an answer that addresses this requirement!

Thanks to the use of specially designed engines that can develop the same thrust force at a fraction of the heat generation!

This “extended runtime thruster” can be operated continuously for 10 minutes without overheating.

Through our network in the marine industry, consumers, builders, and leading component suppliers have tested these units, leaving no doubt that the new standard for joystick docking thrusters has been set.

Rental fleets that encounter inexperienced boaters, as well as commercial vessels could also benefit highly from this extra feature!