Auto Anchor Series - AA560

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Panel mount chain counter and control for dual speed hydraulic and dual speed AC windlasses.

The AA560 electronic windlass control and rode counter (chain counter) replaces the AA500C and AA550RC from August 2007. This means a single AA500 series product for all-chain or rope/chain windlasses.

Includes a graphic screen LCD and more intuitive user interface. Logs windlass operating hours for maintenance. Custom rope/chain calibration for fitting to windlasses not on the pre-set calibration list. Plug and play sensor installation. With the new plug and play sensor say goodbye to soldering.

For all-chain counting, the AA560 also operates with a reed switch sensor, including those fitted directly in the windlass gearbox.

Please note: The sensor only has 1m of cable attached - please add appropriate length sensor cable. 

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Auto Anchor Series - AA560
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